A chance to learn how to play Bowls May 29th

Great news, Chippenham Park Bowls Club are holding an OPEN DAY on MAY 29th this will be from 11am until 5pm,

You will be most welcome, we are a friendly but competitive club, so why not come along ang give it a try, we have all the equipment/help you will need all we ask is that you wear FLAT SOLED SHOES.

CONTACT THE SECRETARY ON   mobile  07860 652882

Pershore Bowls Testing Centre

Thank you to the three Gentlemen that gave us a warm welcome on our arrival to have four sets of Bowls tested, it was a hour or so of good humour coupled with a touch of mickey taking.  they kindly explained the process and we watched with interest as they tested the bowls and made the necessary adjustments.

Thank you Pershore Bowls Testing Centre

Our new web site

Welcome to the new web site for Chippenham Park Bowls Club, we hope you will like our ‘new look’.

Please remember, if anyone needs information about our Club – for our location, directions, or for prospective new members – please point them to www.chippenhamparkbowlsclub.org

The site has been produced by Ian Thomas (of Highworth Bowls Club), and has been designed to be  ‘responsive’ – meaning that it works well on large PC displays, but it also remains readable on the tablets and mobile phones that many people now use to access the internet.

Tea and Biscuit League

The Tea and Biscuit League has been well managed by our member Brian Murray who is well supported by the members who enjoy a competitive game on a Friday afternoon, thanks Brian.

My thanks to all those regular members who participated over the season and also to those who stood in when short of players. Overall T&B raised £171 for club funds over the season.

The T&B League is open to all club members wishing to enjoy bowls in a very friendly match environment and welcomes players of all levels, some learning and others giving practical advice where needed. As most members know who regularly play in T&B, whilst it is good to be competitive, unlike the more serious leagues, we play for the pleasure and company this league provides.