2022 End of Season news

Hello to all the followers of CPBC,

Well it has come to the end of the outdoor season, let’s be honest, weather wise we could not have had it better.  The green at CPBC survived well and to be fair did not play bad at all, yes, at the heads there was the obvious wear and pitting but mid green it was ok, fair play to the town council when the green was in dire need of water they relented and used a quarter sprinkler system, we do not get any water put on the green until the splash pad in the park is in operation and then only after the flowers throughout the town have been irrigated with water from the holding tank but hey ho we survived.  We will post the competition winners list when we have the final results.  All in all as a club we had a reasonable season there were not many friendly games cancelled and most league games were played on time, the club comps were eventually completed.  The winter work for the green started on Tuesday Sept; 27th, the council green keepers worked really hard and I believe the work was completed within the week, so thank you Peter and Bob.

Next year is out Centennial year so there is an awful lot of organising being carried out to hopefully make it a year to remember, there will be lots of celebration games hosting visiting organisations and clubs, a full fixtures list is almost complete along with a centenary booklet.  There will be a new club strip the cost of which will be discounted to existing club members and it is a good deal believe me.  The club house is to have a full refurb including the bar so please if you want to be part of this, become a member by contacting the secretary, details on under Contact Us.

We will say cheerio and all the best, many thanks for visiting the site and keep visiting as you never know what might be posted.